​8 Things
I Wish I Knew When Starting Online Marketing

In this article, we´ll give you an overview of how important the right mindset is. There are so many online-gurus out there, and you can say that they almost all say the same thing : it´s super easy to make a six figure money online. If you still believe this, please leave this site immediately and go dreaming. I´m sorry that I´m a kind angry about this. There is not a Money-Make-Button out there, it´s the biggest lie in the internet anyway.

However, there is ​solid structure to make money online. But you need to take massive action, to make a living of the internet. 

To ​help you get started with ​your online business , I´ve ​posted my 8 biggest mistakes and wish I knew this before I started. I hope you learn ​through my mistakes and save a lot of money and time.

If you don´t have time to read, just hit the play button and listen carefully.


It´s NOT That Easy

The Right Set-Up

​Work With Pros

Don´t Rush

Don´t Waste Your Money

Invest In You

Take Action


Number #1 : It´s Not Easy

It´s all super easy to make money now: For a newbie ​in online-marketing​​​this theorie sounds too good to be true.

The truth is, there is no red button that you apply once in a while, which generates money over and over again. This is so important to know, don´t let yourself to be blind. Sharpen your eyes to see the difference about a good and a bad mentor.    

No matter which business you start, it will take time and effort in the beginning, most people don´t understand this. There are so many advantages to build a business throught and with the internet, that´s why this business is worth to build. The oppurtunities to make money ends with your imagination - it´s endless, once you tune your eyes, ears and mind for it.

Number #2 : The Right Set-Up

To Set-Up an online marketing business ​is not hard, there are tons instructions on YouTube.

The process isn´t easy at all, the guys on YouTube show the Set-Up not the ​how to set-up everything and behind the scenes. 

I need to be straight now, because I want you to understand that you need to learn a lot especially in the beginning.

Yes, you need to work for it and take real action. Don´t wait for someone who does everything for you. Which leads us to Number 3...

Number #3 : ​Work With Pros

Don´t try to it all alone.

For example, if you can handle Logo design well, create your own Logo, if you have copywriting, write your own texts.

However, take the advantage of  quality Plugins to create high converting Websites. Thrive-Themes for example. Those guys who do most work for you, you can build high converting Websites within minutes.

And yes it will cost a little money, but it´s a joke to compare what you get. I thought i can safe some money by creating good looking websites by myself with wordpress….why did I´ve done this…Don´t make this mistake too. Start with the right tools in order to make the best start in your online business.

Number #4 : ​​Don´t Rush

Most people quit because of delayed gratification.

It takes a while when the first dollar comes to you. When you start now, you´ll keep going no matter what comes in your life.

The Internet is full of distractions like sweet cat videos, fail-videos and so on.

Being aware: you want to build up a serious business where you can make a living one day. This means there is a lot of work in the beginning and distraction is your Killer number one. In fact, you can make good money in future and this is the good motivation to keep going.

Number #5 : ​​​Don´t Waste Your Money

Don´t waste money in things that you don´t know how it works.

I spend in the past way too much money on advertising and I even don´t know exactly what I am doing.

You can burn very fast a lot of money for nothing. Advertising can explode your business if you aware what´s behind all of it.

So my advice for you, which can save you a lot of money: don´t jump into advertising if you don´t know what are you doing.

If there is a budget what you can lose, you can try some advertising strategies to find out which works best for you in order to make profit.

Number #6 : ​Invest In You

​Invest in yourself!

Take the time and money first and make yourself valuable.

There´s so many great online courses that teach you exactly how things are going. In this example advertising.

If you don´t have money to spend for a course, go to YouTube, there´s plenty of free quality courses.

The advantage of a paid course is the systematic structure, and the service, so you learn much more in less time.

​My Personal Recommendation:

Number #7 : ​Take Action

​Took ten times the amount of action what you usually take.

Writing a blog, being on YouTube or making a Podcast.

Whatever you do, make it double. If you are writing for example one blog post a week, do two.

If you´re recording a two videos for YouTube a week, make four. The more you take action, the more feedback you´ll get.

It can be more subscribers in your E-Mail list or in YouTube and the more range you get the more potential customer you´ll have.

Everyone can change his life with online-marketing, especially these days. It´s up to you how fast you reach your goal to be financial free. Take massive action, there´s no excuse! Wake up in the morning and do everyday something to move your business forward. If you´re brand new: Take this part serious, you´ll be shocked what you can archive. Here´s the difference between a successful online-marketer and those who wish they were. 

Be a producer und don´t consume so much, start bringing your message in this world, you don´t need to be a professional just honest.

Number #8 : ​​Focus

​It took me almost 3 Years to figure this out by myself.

I see a lot of people who make the same mistake over and over.


If you´re writing an article for your blog. Write until it´s finished, drink a coffee and go outside for fresh air, please don´t start another project until you´re done.

The same is for YouTube and everything else in the offline world. Your mind will say “Come on, what about Facebook and your podcast isn´t finished! Are you sure, that is good what you are doing? Do you think people like what you actually do?” Ignore it.

Your thoughts can be your best friend also your worst enemy. In this case, you need to be get over that mindset. Change your Mindset and finish what you´ve started. Don´t worry, you´re not alone with this problem. It take time and discipline but you can do it. Trust me on this.
You disagree? Let me explain! Imagine your time is bucket full of water.

You pour your water (time and effort) in to one cup. Ok when you start pouring, you´ll spill a couple of drops but the cup of water is full. But if you´re pouring with the same bucket full of water into 3 different cups, you´ll spill more water and it took more time to serve all three.
So I hope I could convincing you to take action. Even if you start your business, take massive action now in what you´re doing. Double or dripple your action until you see results. Focus on one thing and be surprised about the results.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and stay tuned for more content that is useful.

The Author

Hi! My name is Philipp and I come from Germany/Black Forest. I love online marketing, because no matter where you live. You can actually make money just with your laptop. What a lifestyle. In this blog I´ve created, I´ll help you to find your niche in the Internet. The blog is pretty new and you can look forward for awesome content. As you can hear in my Podcast I´m a native German. You can Mail me if you have any questions. If you need a german voiceover: www.layvoiceover.de. Thank you Philipp Lay